2007 Top Ten Research Outcomes Countdown

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The Game Studies Download is compiled annually by Jane McGonigal, Ian Bogost, and Mia Consalvo for the Game Developers Conference. It’s a summary of the top ten research findings from academic game studies from the previous calendar year. Our main criteria for selecting studies is simple: the direct relevance of the researchers’ insights to the future innovation of game design and development.

Top Ten Countdown


#10 How do you keep players at the edge of performance?
variations in limited environments can be more fun than wide open games

#9 Does immersion really have to be seamless? Breaking the fourth wall can be a good thing if done in the right way.

#8 Reality-based gaming market is already a bigger market than you think. Are game players getting tired of screens? Majoy City

#7 Gamers can be altruistic, empathetic and nurturing. Can games tap into “nice” emotions?
Prospect-based emotions
Fortune of others
There is an unexplored design space using the fortune of others and attraction emotions.

#6 It takes 10 hours of gameplay for women to play with the same spatial attention skill as men. men start out strong but don’t improve much over the 10 hours, women come almost equal and maintain the skill sets over the long term (5 months)

#5 The exit screen really matters. Interesting definition of gamespace.

#4 Musical instrument tutoring can make you a real music hero.

#3 Voice chat makes you like your guildmates more, usually. How does voice chat impact the social bonds of gamers? VOIP intensifies existing emotions. Text users will tend to start conversations with strangers more frequently than VOIP users.

#2 There are three key ways to increase the monetary value of your avatar. Check Nick Yee research on motivation of online players.

#1 Videogames are the future of live sports. **Sports games do seem to be routinely ignored here.

Ian Bogost – Ga. Tech / Persuasive Games
Jane McGonigal – Institute for the Future
Mia Consalvo – Ohio University


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