Big Basket of Stuff #1: Wikis, IMs, and 3D

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Pardon this hodge podge but I have waaayyy too many items to get through them individually and quite frankly the number of tabs I have open is getting a little scary.Agencies Share Information By Taking a Page From Wikipedia: “That’s right, the Office of Management and Budget, where caution and precision rule, has embraced Wikipedia as a model, hosting an online place where federal officials can swap information and ideas outside traditional boundaries.”

Meebo announces new features and partners: “First off, they have introduced a developer API for their Meebo Rooms product. This will allow people to integrate a Meebo Room into their own Web site. Meebo has said that this API will “…further accelerate the widespread adoption of Meebo rooms.” Meebo is hoping that Web site owners will take this as an opportunity to build a community.”
**Seriously, I’ve been using Meebo since it came out and it is growing up nicely….be sure to check out the “Room” feature…

Make3D turns your vacation photos into 3D worlds: “Ever wish you could recreate the effect of those neat multilens 3D cameras without having to buy the hardware? Lucky for you there’s some cool 3D technology coming out of Stanford called Make3D. The service uses machine learning to go over your photograph and recreate depth and perspective in three dimensions.”

SpeakLike translates chatting as you go: “It appears like an ordinary chat application as you type. Choose which languages you want to speak in. You can see what you’re typing in your own language and what the other person is seeing translated. If a word or phrase is more complex, SpeakLike will go to a human translator and make sure it’s accurate. The company says the more you use it the smarter it becomes and the faster it will return results in the future.”

Xtranormal: If you always wanted to direct: “Xtranormal makes a fun tool for making animated shows with cartoon characters. It could also be a tool for making machinima, if the company manages to license characters from game companies.”

Seven Strategies for Implementing a Successful Corporate Wiki

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