Development > Prototypes

Prototype 1.5 – latest version

– some wording of hints and feedback changed (clocks and compass directions used to help players who are struggling)
– abort button added to all missions
– preloaders implemented for main menu and each mission (school computers may be slower than mine and preloaders make it obvious that something is happening)
– mission names finalised, made more consistant (Poseidon 012, Target Practice 010 and Essential Supplies 006)
– perfect scores added to mission complete pages to show players what number of points they needed to get a perfect score (ie: no mistakes)

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Prototype 1.4

– final mission complete (delivering supplies to islands) called Essential Supplies 006
– decided on name for game, OceanQuest
– all 3 missions work with menu system and can be replayed
– quit button removed from menu, no need as is played within browser, not standalone

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Prototype 1.3

– other mission complete (varied objectives) called Poseidon 12
– mission added to main menu
– ability to replay both missions or go back to the menu
– new layout for interaction parts, now under title of ‘Work Panel’, bearing input text box set as focus so flashing ibeam shows making it more obvious where to interact

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Prototype 1.2

– new design implemented
– target practice mission (1st mission with hostile targets) finished, added to menu
– no bearing guide (made game too easy)
– tally implemented, when target missed moves on to next target giving a score out of 10 as well as mission points
– new menu implemented with new design, no learning info in menu (may demotivate students), links to only target practice mission

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Prototype 1.1

– same as 1.0 but new mission started with sound effects and a completely new design mockup
– mission: varied tasks, navigating between objects, measuring bearings of objects
– new skin, more in context with scenario, looks like you are in the ship

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Prototype 1.0

– simplified initial battleships scenario to focus on the learning content (advice from evaluators)
– 1 friendly ship, 1 hostiles ship
– hostile ship placed in random position
– input bearing and press fire to launch missile
– hit = points gained, miss = points lost
– 10 hostile ships placed, if missed keeps ship there until destroyed
– bearing guide to help player
– compass available for help with working out bearings
– text feedback on bearings
– intro, menu, instructions, learning info, mission info and game pages
– not linked to mission yet

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