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Recent Workshop Wikis: Sketchasting and More…

I’m in the middle of two weeks of relatively intense workshop activity and realized I haven’t been sharing my workshop wikis here lately. So, here are the agendas (with links to everything I mention and materials if applicable) for each of the recent workshops that I have permission to share:

Sketchcasting – This workshop was based on the latest tool I found to share with teachers using Tablet PCs. In essence, is a web-based sketching program that is actually responsive enough to work well with a Tablet PC pen and which allows users to save and share their sketches online, complete with narration. It’s like being able to save what happens on the whiteboard – erase the board and keep going as many times as you like during your narration.

Author: Mark Wagner, Educational Technology and Life Blog, 4th April 2008

Full article available here.


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Podcasting Basics: Simple Steps for Introducing Podcasting into Your K-8 Class, Part 2

In the first segment in this two-part series, teacher and consultant Brad Pearl explained what kinds of hardware and software you’ll need to introduce podcasting into your classroom. He also shared advice for selecting a first project and getting students involved in the work of recording podcast segments.

In this segment, Pearl explains how to edit and publish the podcasts your class produces. He also offers suggestions for managing a classroom where it seems like every student is going off in a different direction in pursuit of the perfect podcast.

Author: Dian Schaffhauser, T.H.E. Journal, March 2008

Full article available here.

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Simply create blogs and usernames for your students | Edublogs – education blogs

This is big news for teachers using edublogs…

Author: Mark Wagner, Educational Technology and Life Blog, 11th March 2008

Full article available here.

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