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Podcasting Basics: Simple Steps for Introducing Podcasting into Your K-8 Class, Part 2

In the first segment in this two-part series, teacher and consultant Brad Pearl explained what kinds of hardware and software you’ll need to introduce podcasting into your classroom. He also shared advice for selecting a first project and getting students involved in the work of recording podcast segments.

In this segment, Pearl explains how to edit and publish the podcasts your class produces. He also offers suggestions for managing a classroom where it seems like every student is going off in a different direction in pursuit of the perfect podcast.

Author: Dian Schaffhauser, T.H.E. Journal, March 2008

Full article available here.


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Award-Winning Teacher Utilizes a Wealth of Classroom Technology

In his classroom, Mr. Thompson has been using blogs to communicate class activities to parents and SMARTboard technology to have students create powerpoint presentations. In addition, Mr. Thompson utilizes movie technology for both classroom lessons and student products. This caring and dedicated teacher even provides “Podcasts” on his web page that give verbally recorded instructions for parents on how to help children with their math and reading instruction.

Below we present our interview Mr. Thompson in question and answer format. We have included numerous links to his classroom materials including “The Morning Work Show,” “The Literacy Fastbreak,” and his classroom web page.

Author: Tom Hanson, OpenEducation Blog, 27th March 2008

Full article available here.

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Podcasting Basics: Simple Steps for Introducing Podcasting into Your K-8 Class, Part 1

Getting started with podcasting in your class doesn’t have to be a complex undertaking. The software you need is free. The special hardware you need–if any–can be purchased for under $20. And you don’t need to know a line of HTML. Yet the payoff–in student engagement, creativity and dedication–can amaze you. out into the “field” for audio material. Since many of Pearl’s students are English-as-a-second-language speakers, he considered this work a major undertaking. “They have to write something up correctly, so you’ve got the whole grammar aspect,” he said. “Then they have to practice reading, and they’re very self conscious, so they had to read and rehearse.”

Author: Dian Schaffhauser, T.H.E. Journal, 20th February 2008

Full article available here.

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Recent Podcasts from Harvard and Wesley Freyer on Innovation, Learning Orgs and IP

HBR IdeaCast 80: Where Does Strategic Innovation Come From?
Featured Guest: George Stalk, author of 5 Future Strategies You Need Right Now, a new book in the Harvard Business Press Memo to the CEO series.HBR IdeaCast 81: Disruptive Innovation
Featured Guest: Scott Anthony, author of the “Innovation Insights” blog at

HBR IdeaCast 83: Learning Organizations & HBR Editor’s Preview

Featured Guests: Harvard Business School professors David Garvin and Amy Edmonson; Harvard Business Review editor Thomas A. Stewart.

Author: Daniel Livingstone, e-Clippings Blog, 6th March 2008

Full article available here.

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Middle School Technology Course Brings Fun and Learning to Classroom

Some 7th and 8th graders at Drake Middle School are getting a heads start in television!

In the advanced technology class, students learn everything from how to produce a news show to maintaining a website.

Their website has received hits from all over the country.

The topics they tackle range everywhere from academics to sports, and the students and their teacher enjoy the class.

“The most gratifying thing with the TV show is it gives the students a chance to really express themselves, they do have art and music, but this is a media that they love,” said Tom Brohmer, Technology teacher.

The student run TV show and website is a team effort with each student in charge of a department.

Now, you can also take their show on the go!

Just subscribe to their show and then sync your iPod or iPhone.

For more information on the Drakes Creek Middle School TV show and website click here.

Author: Sam Provenzano, 1st March 2008

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