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TeachMeet North East London 08 Event

FutureLab has posted up another Education & Technology event:

19 May 2008
Redbridge Teachers Centre, Ilford

TeachMeet NorthEast London is a chance for education stakeholders to share effective, exciting and innovative uses technology in schools in an informal environment. If you come for the evening, then you can either present, or just listen to inspiring presentations on ICT in schools. People attending previous TeachMeets before have found them to be inspirational and a great form of CPD.”

According to the TeachMeet site you can also join the event via Flashmeeting and there is a Facebook page too.


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Reaching Out With Your Conference

Dave Warlick provides advice for organising social networking for conferences:

“I would love to see more education technology conferences adopt this sort of out-reach. Conferences have never been an integral part of the job for most classroom teachers — and with budget cuts already starting to snip their way across the fabric of our education institutions, fewer educators will likely be packing up and driving or flying to the city convention hotel for three days of shared learning and energy-generating friction.

It’s all the more reason why education conferences need to shine more, to radiate ideas rather than rattle them in a box.”

Author: Dave Warlick, 2cent Worth Blog, 20th April 2008

Full article available here.

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Students & Teachers Challenged To Define Role of Technology in Education

“Ed tech developer eInstruction this week launched its new Content Meets Technology contest, which challenges educators and students to share their “vision of the role of technology in education.” Winners of the competition will receive an interactive classroom makeover.

Those wishing to enter must submit their thoughts on the role of technology in education using no more than 250 characters–that’s characters, not words. Entries will be posted on a Google Map mashup on eInstruction’s Web site.”

Author: Dave Nagel, T.H.E. Journal, April 2008

Full article available here.

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e-Learning Guild Annual Gathering (started on the 15th)

Live blogging from Mark Oehlert at the gathering yesterday:

“So the general conference is starting today. I did a WAY early “Breakfast Byte” session this morning on managing emerging technologies – good turnout and amazingly consistent focus on FEAR as the leading problem in implementing new technologies for learning.”

Author: Mark Oehlert, e-Clippings Blog, 15th April 2008

Full article available here.

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More Events Posted By FutureLab – b.TWEEN & mLearn 2008


18-20 June 2008
Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester

“b.TWEEN08 features a huge host of industry experts from advertising, creative technology, film, games, mobile, TV and web. Nowhere else will you find such a diverse mix of ideas-rich indies and ideas-hungry big industry players meeting on a level playing field to explore and exploit the creative and commercial potential of digital technologies.”

See post here.

mLearn 2008

7-10 October 2008
Ironbridge, Shropshire

“mLearn was the first conference on mobile learning and is widely recognised as one of the most prestigious international conferences in the field. The aims of the conference are to bring together the world’s leading mobile learning researchers, developers and activists in an environment that will stimulate dramatically increased deployment of mobile learning and catalyse dramatically enhanced innovation.”

See post here.

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Virtual Voices – Event in Bristol

Futurelab is running a workshop on Create-A-Scape at this event, which is organised by South West Screen

10 July 2008
Watershed, Bristol

How can we develop young people’s voices so they become the content creators and storytellers of the future? Virtual Voices brings the media industry together with young media makers and their teachers or tutors to attempt to answer this question and many others…

What will it be like?

The event will include inspiring speakers, involving workshops (including one on Create-A-Scape run by Futurelab) and hands-on activities. See for more information as the programme is finalised, or sign up to the Virtual Voices e-mailing list by e-mailing

Author: FutureLab, 7th April 2008

Full post and more information available here.

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Channel 4 sponsors Dare to Be Digital… Introduces education as a theme

Channel 4 has announced sponsorshop of the Dare to Be Digital summer game development competition. Announced here.

As part of their sponsorship (which apparently is for a significant sum of money to support the competition), a brief to develop games with an educational or serious ‘twist’ has also been provided.

Author: Daniel Livingstone, Learning Games Blog, 4th April 2008

Full article available here.

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